Le illustrazioni di Daniel Nyari con i momenti top dei Mondiali

L’illustratore Daniel Nyari – che se ti ricordi gli avevamo fatto un’intervista mega seria nel 2013 – ha fatto dei disegnini simpa con i 20 momenti top (secondo lui) delle 20 edizioni dei Mondiali.

I disegnini sono per l’issue di 200 pagine sui Mondiali di Josimar Magazine. C’è anche la sua spiegazione lunga dei disegnini:

“Digital communication technology has blasted history wide open, dispersing its individual parts to all corners of the internet. For the first time young people have the chance to learn about history in their own ways on platforms like youtube, twitter, from various listicles, etc. Each learning experience online is like an individual discovery and the user is an archeologist unearthing moments in history to fit the pieces of the whole together. This modular approach to re-interpreting history gave me the idea to represent individual vignettes for each World Cup as something akin to self-contained archetypal events that exist within self-luminous rectangles of computers, tablets and smartphones. The layout is more or less organized chronologically starting with the first World Cup 1930 in the top left corner, reading from left to right and top to bottom culminating in the World Cup 2014 panel on the bottom right.”

via Daniel Nyari

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